JohnlikeJohn – Faking Foxes

JohnlikeJohn defies the stereotypes and uses their music as a way to speak to people who may suffer from anxiety and depression so they know that they aren’t alone. In an interview with the band they state- “Depression and anxiety are themes that run consistently through my music and are a very important topic to me. One hope for the EP is that it can reach people who also feel the same, and maybe bring some comfort. Songs like “I am scared too” and “The Nihilism Cheer” is a reaction to depression and anxiety, anthems of assurance to the desperately lonely.”

JohnlikeJohn takes the DIY naïve punk ethic of Daniel Johnson (right down to the simple imagery of the cover art); the cultured folk stylings of Joanna Newsom; the skewed yet incisive poetry of Ivor Cutler and John Cooper Clarke and the grandmaster storytelling of Robert Wyatt and Tom Waits yet retains a particularly contemporary sound which offers great hope for the British folk music scene. Like the rise of Americana in the United States, this is a celebration of the typically wry view of the world that songwriters have been famous for in Britain for decades, laughing in the face of authority and championing the underdog, and repositions folk as a vital form of storytelling.


connect_icut – Simonson

In his music, connect_icut (real name Samuel Macklin) aims to remove the distinctions between instinct and intellect, chaos and order, organic and synthetic, analog and digital. This work may be deemed ‘glitch’ or ‘post-digital’, but one thing is for sure – this is a mixture of melodic elements and rarefied abstraction with intense modulations that flare up between the cracks of mysterious geometrical passages.

Releasing music since 2005, some of it has met with significant success. The Wire Magazine commented that it was “always involving – and easily rewarding enough to make getting up and turning the record over an anticipatory pleasure”. Thurston Moore and Byron Coley (via Arthur Magazine) also noted this music “takes a lot of standard ‘pretty’ electronic practices and flops them over on their sides… There’s pop crafting here, but it’s subtle and allowed to evolve in its own darkly idiosyncratic way”.

connect_icut released ‘Crow & Kittiwakes Wheel and Come Again’ (2013) and ‘Small Town by the Sea’ (2014), both via Aagoo Records, to wide acclaim, followed by ‘Rage Coma’ (2017). While those albums were mostly created using computer software, this new EP is essentially a test recording for a new all-hardware set-up.

Whereas other electronic music producers making the software/hardware switch have simultaneously adopted an analog-only approach, connect_icut remains firmly rooted in the digital realm. The six extended tracks collected here delve into the granular synthesis techniques developed by computer music pioneers like Curtis Roads, Barry Truax, and Guy Reibel – only without using a computer, as such.

This music also differs from that of the aforementioned pioneers in its rawness and spontaneity. The source sounds were created with whatever was at hand, which usually turned out to be a Casio SK-1 toy sampler. The finished tracks are both proof-of-concept test runs and seat-of-the-pants improvisations. Somewhere along the line, this resulted in surprisingly beautiful music.

It anchors all manner of chaotic abstraction in a solid foundation that is fundamentally grounded in hands-on performance and spontaneous composition. Live connect_icut appearances have included support slots for a number of notable electronic artists including Oneohtrix Point Never and Loscil.

In support of this new release, connect_icut also presents the video for ‘Simonson’, emphasizing radiant pixels and glowing digital abstraction.

‘Music for Granular Synthesizer’ will be released via Aagoo Records on November 24 on triple cassette and can be ordered on Aagoo’s website and also digitally via Bandcamp.


Lethal Injektion – Believer

Tucson, AZ based, West Coast Metal band Lethal Injektion has followed up on their highly praised sophomore LP, Judgment Night, with a stunning reinterpretation and music video of the Imagine Dragons hit single, “Believer.”

Lethal Injektion is the newest Rap/Metal sensation, based out of Tucson Arizona. The band was put together with Tucson’s hottest top-tier artists to make an undeniable sound & movement.

Jacob Ryan, is a successful independent rap artist under the rap name The Raskal, who most recently won West Coast Artist Of The Year @ The Under Ground Music Awards in New York in December 2015. The Raskal has also had major write-ups in The Source,, World Star Hip Hop, along with other big features.

Jonathan Russell is most known for his amazing talents as the vocalist in his own band, Stands With Fists. Stands With Fists has had a lot of independent success as well doing several huge events such as Knot Fest & KFMA’s Fall Ball just to name a few. Jacob reached out to Jonathan back in July, with an idea and concept never before seen or done in Tucson. A fusion of hardcore passionate hip-hop lyrics, blended with high energy, aggressive metal tones, and rhythms. The one thing missing was a band to make it all come together.

Using his deep connections in the Tucson metal scene, Jonathan reached out to a young talented group of musicians to finalize this new super group. Guitarists Lawrence McIntyre & Jesse Espich team up with drummer James Ringstrom, and bassist Luis Rodriguez to provide a unique, yet marketable sound to accompany Jonathan’s wide vocal range and dynamic melodies, as well as Jacob’s gritty yet clever rhymes and distinct voice. Their debut single “Strength Through Struggle” has done amazing numbers, and is available on all major digital music outlets.

The band released their follow up single and very first music video “Voices” on their YouTube channel Friday January 15, 2016. The band then followed up with their first studio recorded EP “Sex Is Power”, which made an immediate impact charting as high as #8 on Itunes for new releases for the Rock Genre, and stayed at #1 on Amazon for new alternative metal release for the first 2 weeks. Be on the lookout for their second full-length album “Judgement Night” under the home umbrella RuffLife Recordz, released September 15, 2017.


Kannika – I’m Watching You

Kannika was born in the south of Thailand and has since relocated to Nakhon Ratchasima in the northeast.

She has been singing from a very young age and as her career began progress she undertook major residencies in Phuket, Kiri Khan, and Hua Hin.

She currently performs in clubs in and around Nakhon Ratchasima in Northeast Thailand. She cites Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Janis Joplin and Tina Turner as her favorite artists but says her biggest influence on her has always been her mother who encouraged her from a very young age.


Guns N’ Roses Live @ Rock In Rio 2017

Guns N’ Roses jumped straight from the holes of Los Angeles to mega-stardom with their booming debut album “Appetite for Destruction”, a masterpiece from the 80’s that guaranteed a place for the band at the Olympus of Rock and Roll. With part of its classic formation, the quintet arrived at the new City of Rock closing the night of September 23 after The Who’s concert presenting their fans with a setlist filled with classics such as “Sweet Child o’ Mine”, “Knockin’ on Heavens Door” and “November Rain”.

MIS+RESS – The History Of Fishes

MIS+RESS, the solo ambient project of Brian Wenckebach, best known as a member of Brooklyn shoegaze darlings Elika and experimental electronica outfit Thee Koukouvaya, is releasing his debut album via Somewherecold Records. This album has also become a 2017 favorite of electronic mastermind and radio host Ulrich Schnauss.

This self-titled 10-track offering is quite remarkable, oscillating between the atmospheric opaque reverie of such bands as Land Observations, the mysterious edge of Michael Brook and Daniel Lanois, and fantastic imagined music boxes for grown-ups.

MIS+RESS is the solo project of musician, artist, mixing and mastering engineer, father, and educator Brian Wenckebach. He has worked with a number of established artists and labels including Showtime Television Networks, Polyvinyl Records, Ulrich Schnauss, Asobi Seksu, Noveller, Thisquietarmy, Dead Leaf Echo and Nadja, and also re-mastered Blind Mr. Jones’ classic album ‘Tatooine’.

Wenckebach first began recording music to analog tape in 1995 and, by the end of the decade, had started to move towards computer sequencing. The Durutti Column, Land Observations, Daniel Lanois and Harold Budd number among his musical influences, along with Loscil, Nils Frahm, William Basinski, Noveller, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Susumu Yokota, and Tim Hecker.

A long-term professional used to the comforts of his work with Electric Blue Studios in Brooklyn, this album marks a departure from the studio setting. It was recorded in Toms River, New Jersey with an electric guitar and four effects pedals in a make-shift studio he set up in his sister-in-law’s abandoned childhood bedroom.

Rather than relying solely on atmosphere and texture, MIS+RESS creates songs with genuine emotional content. They are clever and intricate, dreamy yet broken. They paint a sonic canvas full of gorgeous landscapes, littered with machines languishing in obsolescence. This debut album evokes memories of a past/future you didn’t/won’t have. This is post ambient, instrumental guitar. No frills and no hiding.

“This is much simpler and more direct in the sense that I utilized a very limited palette (simply guitar with a few effects). My other projects have emphasized vocals and electronics and had hundreds of layers,” explains Brian Wenckebach. “Electronics used to feel rebellious to superimpose on shoegaze/dreampop. Now, it is commonplace. The danger is gone. I figured I would go in the opposite direction.”

MIS+RESS’ album is the latest release on Somewherecold Records, whose blossoming collection of dreampop, nugaze and ambient offerings includes albums from Ummagma (Canada-Ukraine) with Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins and Dean Garcia of Curve, The Corrupting Sea (Fort Worth, Texas), The Beremy Jets (Malmo, Sweden), and Yellow6 (Leicester, UK.

This MIS+RESS album is a limited edition with only 100 copies available on CD and 50 on cassette, available exclusively through Somewherecold. They are available for pre-order now via the label’s Bandcamp.

“It’s like opening the gates of heaven, and getting lost in its circular ‘trippyness’ – its optimism, haziness and watery imagery”
– Last Day Deaf

“Looking for that late summer ambient guitar album – delivering not only a generous range of delicate tones and scapes, but also a rich palette of actually hummable melodies and sequences? Brian Wenckebach’s new solo record provides exactly that and may establish him as a Chicagoan Vini Reilly- highly recommended!”
– Ulrich Schnauss

“Like distant clarion calls hailing through the twilight fog”
– The Sunday Experience

“Waves of joy and bubbles of bliss, winds of hope and breaths of truth. MIS+RESS is our new best find. Calming, chakra aligning enlightenment as far as music goes and the fact that it is just a few minutes shows that Wenckebach doesn’t require much time to show that he’s capable of delivering a masterpiece”
– The Record Stache


The Dead Daisies – Concert For Freedom (Live at Woodstock Festival Poland 2017)

The Dead Daisies would like to thank everyone that made Woodstock Poland such a memorable experience:

Jurek Owsiak, the festival creator and promoter of Woodstock Poland, for his incredible support!

Bartek Stolarek, whose hard work made sure this all came together!

The incredible Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra and Monika Wolińska, their amazing conductor,  Ania and Ewa, our awesome background singers, Titus, Łukasz, the fantastic orchestrator,  Rafal, our fearless tour manager, the local crew but most of all, YOU, our fans and all the music lovers of Poland who turned up to make Woodstock the event it is! You have been unbelievable and have made this one of the best nights of our lives!! This night was all about love, peace & freedom and making the world a better place.


About The Dead Daisies
Influenced by 70’s and early 80’s hard rock, The Dead Daisies sound is soulful and accessible – equal parts of The Faces, Aerosmith and Foreigner: muscular vocals, bluesy riffs, big choruses, powerful melodies and strong hooks. With stellar musicianship and pulverizing live shows, fans across the globe are discovering the band that is bringing back Rock & Roll!

The current incarnation of The Dead Daisies is taken from a musical collective created originally by a rotating line-up that has left their mark on the high-class brand of Rock & Roll the band is known for. The band features in their ranks some of the finest Rockers on the planet, among them one of the premier lead guitarists of this day and age, Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio). He completes a powerhouse lineup consisting of charismatic singer John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, The Scream), bassist extraordinaire Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), the groove machine Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English) and bringing the thunder from down under, Australian rhythm guitarist David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink).


Joe Dolman – Something Beautiful

21-year-old singer-songwriter from Leamington Spa. With 2 independently released EP’s under his belt landing him top 10 in the UK and US iTunes charts, Dolman has been growing from strength to strength with each show he plays, picking up BBC Radio 1 plays from the likes of Huw Stephens as well as across the country on BBC introducing.

He recently appeared live on Gaby Roslin’s show on BBC Radio London.

His first appearance on the big stage was at Hyde Park back in 2014, since then he has taken his music around not only the UK but overseas also – including appearances at Reeperbahn in Hamburg, The Great Escape 2017, headlining the Acoustic Stage at Godiva Festival 2017 and house concert tours across America.


Romancer – Nausicaa

Romancer is a four-piece Ambient Punk-Rock band that comes from Kitchener Ontario, Canada. Combined with members with incredible musical talents, Romancer has one goal; to bring the fans a sound that toes the line between soft intimacy and explosive aggressiveness.

Currently, this bunch of humble guys is ramping up to the release of their new project “honeybee” – their second and latest release as Romancer. “Honeybee is our most lyrically honest, and experimental release to date. I am so proud of us this time around, and I can say with confidence that we’ve all reached into the depths of our musicality and creativity to bring out the best in each other and this record” says Romancer lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Horrocks. The band released their debut EP “As We Both Close in on the Water” last year on June 10, 2016.

Shortly after the band released the record, it quickly gained the likes of fans in numerous markets across Canada, USA, Europe, Mexico, and Japan. Their track “Fireworks” had been featured on a compilation CD that was released via LA punk label Wiretap Records shortly after the release of their debut LP. FFO: Jimmy Eat World, Alexisonfire, Brand New & Moneen, this is surely one well-written and engaging record, and will stimulate from beginning to end.

Frequently touring, the band’s fanbase keeps growing in current and new markets. 2017 is set for the release of “honeybee,” a new music video and two tours, one being through eastern Canada.

Romancer is Nathan Cumber, Ben Abu Halaga-Dilgert, Adam Horrocks and Riley O’Donnell.


Gilbert Neal – Drop Of You

Gadabout, raconteur, ne’er-do-well-er. Gregarious and fecund. An artist who has said his dream is to be the American Susan Boyle with an album title (Dirty Red Pagan) suggested by Andy Partridge of XTC. Gilbert Neal is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with a uniquely imaginative multi-genre style that’s refreshingly difficult to categorize. In addition to his contributions as an indie rock solo artist, his adventurous, exploratory spirit has even found him performing in a Genesis tribute and a country music line-dance band.

Born in Buffalo, NY and currently based in North Carolina, Gilbert Neal has performed in various bands, jazz ensembles and theater productions throughout the years. However, at the heart of it, Gilbert is first and foremost a songwriter, with most of his lyrics being quite personal, telling a specific story or referring to a particular incident. Thematically, Gilbert is inspired by religion, politics, sex, loss and parental love. His sometimes quirky songs can be tongue-in-cheek, theatrical and somewhat socialist, frequently weaving in sexual, and godless messages in the lyrics. Gilbert says he strives to make each album 1) a cohesive piece of work and 2) guaranteed to possibly make a fantastic musical!

Gilbert has been writing and singing in bands since he was 12. From an early age, it never occurred to him not to be able to play and sing at the same time, write harmonies, and arrange music. For his solo debut, ‘Drink The Beast With Me’ (2006), Gilbert worked with a full band for the first time. Since then, he has focused more on orchestrating the majority of the musical elements with his own artistic vision. His most recent musical outputs incorporate pieces of all of his various musical experience including jazz, funk, soul and prog rock, often with a healthy sprinkle of musical theater. (He has been a musical director for a dinner theater and has a degree in vocal performance/music theory.)

Gilbert has been inspired by an eclectic mix of musicians ranging from XTC and Stevie Wonder to Steely Dan, Radiohead and the Les Humphries Singers. His current band features Gilbert on vocals, piano, guitar and bass, Steve Camilleri on drums, Darrell Nutt on percussion, Marko Marisic on additional guitar, and Pamela Henderson on backing vocals.

His fifth album, ‘Mayor of Estes Park’ was released in Summer 2016. His previous four albums include ‘Drink The Beast With Me’ (2006), ‘Our Deepest Apathy…’ (2008), ‘Vultures and Diamonds’ (2010) and ‘Dirty Red Pagan’ (2013).


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