An Exclusive Interview With Billy Sheehan

There is a difference between a rock star and a musician. A rock star does it for the fame and fortune. A musician does it for the music. Today I got to talk to a musician who has the status of a rock star because of his talent as a musician. And that is a rare thing nowadays. Billy Sheehan is considered one of the best bassists around. He is one of those bassists, in fact, that you can spot when you hear a song you didn’t even know he did. With such a unique tone and style, Billy has redefined the instrument and elevated himself to musical heights that few have been able to tread. Part of the secret is that he manages to surround himself with like-minded people. Just look at his collaboration roster (Steve Vai, Ritchie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert, Mike Portnoy etc…). And now, literally a minute after his longtime band, Mr. Big, has released their new album “Defying Gravity”, he is at it yet again with a new band called The Fell (bio below). The Fell continue the tradition of true musicianship with a stellar lineup worthy of the moniker “supergroup”.

Check out our interview with Billy above and get a glimpse of how he does it all and learn what it takes to be committed to your craft as well as the latest about his new band, The Fell and new vocalist Anthony De La Torre. School is in session.


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