An Interview with Joe Grah of JIBE

They say that a fine wine improves with age. You could also say that music improves with age and experience. The same could be said for a group of artists from Dallas, Texas called JIBE. That culmination of experience is well documented in their new album titled “Epic Tales of Human Nature”, out as of June 9th. And JIBE is a band full of life experiences that most people would have succumbed to. But whatever does not kill you only makes you stronger, and JIBE is as strong as it gets. Fronted by the soulful, road-worn vocals of Joe Grah, the beyond ambitious guitars of Toby Bittenbender, and the rhythmic powerhouse duo of Corey Tatro and Ben Jeffries, JIBE have taken what they’ve learned and elevated the band to stadium status with an album that will defiantly stand the test of time.

Today we talk to Joe about JIBE’s new release, as well as what it took to get where they are now and how they’ve turned roadblocks into roads and what the future they make for themselves holds. Note to other bands, listen and learn.

“Epic Tales of Human Nature” is out now. Go to for more information.


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