An Interview With John Andrew Fredrick of The Black Watch

Genius comes in many forms, and form in many different fields. Fields such as science, literature, history, and so on. Today we talk to a musician with an actual Ph.D. Yes, a doctor. Actually, not only does he have a doctorate in English, but righteous education in music and songwriting. I know, I tried to be clever but, listen to his band, The Black Watch, and their new album “The Gospel According to John” and you will see. The songs are beautifully crafted masterpieces and future classics. Check out our review HERE to hear previews.

And now we get to talk with John Andrew Fredrick, the man briefly described above and the mastermind behind The Black Watch as we talk about the new album, the current state of the music industry, guitars, and more. School is in session.

Check out and buy “The Gospel According to John” on Bandcamp HERE.


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