An Interview With Valerie Troutt of Labyrinth Lounge

One thing I love about my job, as a musician, is meeting true musicians. What I mean by that is that there are people who are in the business because they want the fame or the perceived fortune that comes with making a mark in the music industry. The problem is, the music industry is not what you see on Empire. What it is, is an industry that will not treat you kindly unless music is something you really want to, and even then said fame and fortune are fleeting and rare. So it’s times like interviewing such rare talent as Valerie Troutt that makes this not a job. To listen to her is to love her. She is a true musician in a group of true musicians in the form of Labyrinth Lounge.

Check out our interview with Valerie above and check out our review of their debut single titled ‘Trouble Won’t Last’, from their album ‘Porgy’ HERE.

Featured image by Valerie Troutt.


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