One Last Shot – Slitting My Throat On My Own

What happens when you mix over-the-top theatrics with hardcore? Certainly not something well-received in the militant Syracuse scene from whence horror-influenced screamo band One Last Shot hail. However, the perception of others is no longer a concern for this band who, after their singer Jeremy Romance’s brush with death in 2016, understand there is no time to waste trying to satisfy anyone’s vision for them but their own.

What exactly that vision entails comes from a lineage of hope inspired by artists like The Used and MCR, who are not only influential to OLS for their musical fearlessness and theatrics, but the hope and positivity they gave Romance as a young music fan.

“I want to do the same thing those bands did for me growing up,” he explains. “I want to be that escape and let kids know that dreams can come true.”

These days, One Last Shot have transcended the world where they never fit in, spitting in the faces of those who impede them and carving a path where they’re well on their way to carrying those heroes’ torches. They’ve even had the chance to complete the musical circle with some of them—Jeremy, having sung with the Used, and the band having been opened on Aiden’s 2015 farewell tour. They have also played alongside Creeper, Neck Deep, State Champs, and Beartooth among others, as well as made appearances on Warped Tour annually since 2014.

One Last Shot is:

Jeremy Romance – Vocals
Zak Phillips – Guitar
Angelo Zinkovitch – Guitar
Adam Vlassis – Bass
Ryan Sheldon – Drums

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Ron Bonk.


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