Partisan Premieres ‘Too Late’

Beginning with the momentum that began with “Two Lovers”, Partisan continue their evolution of revolution with their new single titled “Too Late”. Partisan has always been a band that I personally have, not only enjoyed but respect musically.

Partisan have always had the habit of adding intrigue, musically interesting hooks, and just enough influence to make Partisan a sure contender as a truly established act for the next generation of aspiring artists. Yes, folks, I I have said many times before, Partisan’s sh*t is THAT together. Just listen. You can hear it in our interview with Stuart Armstrong, Partisan’s killer vocal-piece.

To hear Partisan is to love Partisan, and we now have yet another example of such. The chorus for “Too Late” is spacious and breathtaking, the intro and first verse build up to the chorus like a good story, and the crescendo also serves as an “I’ll be back” to the listener to prove, yet again, that it’s never too late to be a Partisan.


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