Traveller – All This Time

The summer of 2012 saw Gerry Sheridan and Simon Usher begin their songwriting partnership, which progressed to become Traveller in January 2016 when they were joined by Martin Yves on guitar and Brian Socha on bass.

By spring 2016 the band had written and recorded their debut EP at Chamber Studios in Edinburgh. Taking just four days to complete, ‘All This Time’ enabled Traveller to connect to an ever-growing fanbase who are drawn to their Anthemic Rock wall of sound.

Gerry started out playing violin and piano focusing more on Classical music before teaching himself guitar and concentrating his efforts on more contemporary music; his songwriting is influenced by bands such as The Stereophonics, The Beatles, Crowded House and Travis.

Simon started playing the piano and taught himself both the piano and drums from an early age by listening to artists such as Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Elton John, Sting, Pink Floyd, Crowded House, as well as Coldplay and U2. Drummers such as Steve Gadd provided the initial inspiration for him to focus on his writing and playing.

Martin remembers seeing his dad play the harmonica that sparked the inspiration for him to dedicate himself to music and a lifelong appreciation for all styles of music though he’s particularly passionate about the late sixties to early seventies Rock, especially the sonic experimentation and sound of Pink Floyd.

Brian’s influences are very diverse from Rock and Pop to Jazz, Funk and Soul, from Frank Zappa to Pink Floyd, Brian’s bass playing provides a solid foundation for the band’s music.

“There’s a sonic harmony that is often created by the band during rehearsals and it’s often from this that sparks the imagination to write” explains Simon. “We write about life’s journey, from the people we meet along the way to all the various experiences that we have, both good or bad…”


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