The G-O-D – Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know

With a raucous beat and hook-driven chord progression, The G-O-D solidify their place in the new #indie scene with their latest track “Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know”. You would think with a title like that, that very title would be impossible to fit into a song, but you have to listen to the genius way that very title fits seamlessly into the chorus in a way that will have you singing it to yourself hours after hearing it for the first time.

The video itself is a documentation of the time you will have at a G-O-D show, with fun, funk, and rhythm to be had by all. The G-O-D is, as much as they are relevant; fun. This is a cool band to follow, with the mersey-cool-funk-beat of Si Wolstencroft and the guitar-powered-sarcastically-fun-vocals of Chris Bridgett. It’s time to meet your new music maker in The G-O-D.

Check out their music HERE.


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