The Veldt Release ‘The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur’

Schoolkids Records have released The Veldt’s wonderfully titled ‘The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur’ Mixtape EP worldwide. The band is also presenting a new video for ‘One Day Out of Life’ (Andrew Prinz/ Mahogany Remix) to accompany this release.

This EP comes on the tail of their successful Record Store Day 7” single ‘Symmetry / Slow Grind’.

The album is a solid, fully loaded weapon in the shoegaze arsenal. I say this knowing how much of an oxymoronic phrase that is, given the very nature of shoegaze itself, but this is true. ‘The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur’ is a pure sonic adventure that grabs you by the ears and penetrates your mind for days afterwards. Each track is layered in multitudes of well-placed instrumentation over soothing and crooning vocals in such a way that some artists may want to rethink the way they are doing things.  To make such a varied album without compromising what makes the group what it is is a sign of true musicianship.

“The Veldt could never be pigeonholed, no matter how hard the world tried to put the African-American brothers and their bandmates into a box… with songs that should have been massive hits… anthems that demand to be heard.”
– Pitchfork

“Their passion is infectious, their commitment to the unique sounds and rhythms in their perfectly calibrated guitar tones do the awesome work of elevating beyond stereotypes. In so doing, they are crafting both a loud and a quiet revolution. It is really hard to not fall in love with this band.”
– Huffington Post

“With Danny’s enveloping hooks, Daniel’s swooning falsetto… the new songs invite paradoxical praise: serenely assaultive, vertiginously soothing.”
– The Guardian

“Atmospheric sounds… their presence in and of itself is historic.”
– Noisey / VICE

“The Veldt are a unique and singular, musical proposition – authentic American soul music, without post-modern irony, without cliché. They are Kane’s kissing kousins.”
– Rudy Tambala (A.R. Kane)

“Awesome wobbly psychy guitar music and from-the-heart soulful vocals…myself and Robin Guthrie are just 2 screaming fans.”
– Creation Records’ Founder Joe Foster

“For black artists, doing anything outside of the bubble, beyond what’s derivative of what white kids are doing, being able to express yourself honestly, is not celebrated at all.” So when I heard these guys, it gave me confidence.”
– Doc McKinney (The Weeknd, Drake, Estherio)


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